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Jose Gonzalez

Testimonial Image: Jose GonzalezIf you’re thinking about using iControlWP, just do it. You’ll never look back.

If you’re searching to see who does this for $1 less, stop. I already did that (I tested the best 3 I found, including a ‘free’ one. Don’t bother).

I cannot stress how important iControlWP will become to you and/or your business.

You already know that a routine WordPress plugin update can completely wipe out your site – a server timeout mid-update, not enough space in your account to unpack the update, a plugin incompatibility, and dozens of other things can cost you half a day to fix. If you have clients, your reputation may not be that easy to fix.

Case example: the latest version of NextGen (one of the most popular plugins around) broke 2 of my clients sites (we’re talking ‘white page, nothing there’). I had no time to figure out what was broken, or why.

With WorpDrive (the clone tool inside iControlWP) I was able to restore the previous backup with 1 click. In a few mins, the sites were back up and running like nothing had ever happened.

It’s only when I manually updated each plugin that I discovered NextGen was the issue. When I broke the site the second time, I quickly restored it again.

That incident would have derailed my day back in the days before I used iControlWP.

I manage around 10 WP sites, and in the past 3 months I must have used the restore feature half a dozen times, without counting a full migration from host to host, which is super easy when you’re able to deploy a clone in minutes.

All the above is about disaster-recovery. I haven’t even mentioned the benefits of managing all your sites from one dashboard, bulk-updating plugins, being alerted to out of date software, and the ongoing features that the iControlWP guys are working on, like the new security features, which are a must.

Aside from everything else, the support is out of this world. This stuff just works, and it works well. But when you need something, or have a question, these guys are there, and they’re good.

Do yourself a favour: read the rest of the testimonials on this page, then sign up and try iControlWP.

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