About WorpDrive WordPress Backup

WorpDrive is centralized WordPress Backup and Recovery management, for your business.

If you have, or you manage, more multiple WordPress sites, then WorpDrive is the only high-grade backup solution that combines centralized WordPress Backup that works with high performance WordPress management.

iControlWP and WorpDrive are built for all your WordPress business need.

WorpDrive is your WordPress insurance policy

When you make big changes to your WordPress site, it’s good to have a safety net.

When you need to recover your website from an attack, or a web hosting crash, WorpDrive is all you will ever need.

WorpDrive runs automatically every day, without need for any more 3rd party services such as FTP space, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

Who is behind WorpDrive and iControlWP?

To find out more about the creators of iControlWP and WorpDrive, head on over to Host Like Toast and see who the “toasters” are here.

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