WorpDrive Pricing and Licensing

WorpDrive backup protection is an add-on integrated into our iControlWP WordPress Management service.

You can enable WorpDrive Backup Protection on any site that you need and there is restriction or limit on website size – we don’t have PHP memory limit or timeouts like your current WordPress plugins.

How WorpDrive Licensing Works

  • WorpDrive pricing is based on disk-usage across your whole account.
  • Each iControlWP package includes a free amount of storage
  • Backups are configured to run daily, automatically on every site you protect. It will store:
    • 4 daily images,
    • 3 weekly images, and
    • 3 monthly backup images.

[TBS_ALERT color=”info”]iControlWP with WorpDrive is the ultimate in combined WordPress backup and management of multiple WordPress sites![/TBS_ALERT]

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