WorpDrive’s own data redundancy explained

So you backup your website data with WorpDrive… but where does WorpDrive backup its data – that is, your data?

What happens if there’s a disaster with WorpDrive services?  Below are a few more details about WorpDrive’s data redundancy and disaster recovery system.

WorpDrive data is backed up 4 times within every 24hrs

The reality is that nothing is perfect, and systems fail, and data corrupts.

Your website backup repositories are not stored alongside our servers in Rackspace, but are served with a dedicated SVN service provider – a provider who knows what their doing with SVN servers.

We could try to manage that too, but we’re like to over-stretch ourselves and isn’t that was Software as a Service on cloud computing is supposed to allow you?  Flexibility, and the ability to find providers dedicated to the service you require.

With our SVN service provider, we have all the security features mentioned here, and also built-in data redundancy and backup.

With a 24hr period, all WorpDrive website repositories are backed up 4 times to offsite backup repositories.

This means, should the absolute worst happen to your site’s repository, at most it can only ever be 4 hours out of date if we need to pull it from an offsite backup.

This means, that in a single 24hr period, your website data is replicated 5 times.

Just try and beat that with your WordPress backup plugin.

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