How does WorpDrive handle security?

Security is a top concern for all businesses.

WorpDrive is no different.

WorpDrive is built upon iControlWP, our WordPress management platform for managing multiple WordPress websites, and from day one, we’ve made the security of iControlWP and our customers, our prime concern.

We take the following security precautions with your website data.

WorpDrive supports file transfer from your server using Secure FTP, or FTP.

Not everyone’s web hosting supports Secure FTP, but you will always have the option to use secure FTP if you can.

In the first stage to WorpDrive backup, we create a replica of your site. We use FTP to achieve this.

So whether you supply FTP or Secure FTP, WorpDrive will work the same.

Website backup data is always transferred to the backup storage using secure SSL

On the final stage of the WorpDrive backup, your site’s data is transferred to an SVN storage repository.

This data is always transferred over a secure HTTPS connection so can never be intercepted. This is the same secure technology that you use, say, for your online banking.

All website backup data is encrypted when stored.

This means that for the target storage space where we keep your website backup data, the disks are encrypted.

Without correct user credentials, this data would never be accessible by anyone.

Compare this to how you normally store your backup data.

All websites have their own unique storage repository

If you have 1 website backed-up with WorpDrive, you have 1 unique storage repository.

If you have 100 websites, then you have 100 unique storage repositories.

There is no shared credentials and no overlapping storage between websites. This reduces scope for security breaches that may somehow affect one site.

Security credentials for each repository are rotated after every backup

Once a successful backup happens on WorpDrive, the login credentials for this particular backup are reset and stored securely (encrypted) in the WorpDrive database.

This means, for example, if somehow the credentials were sniffed/stolen for a website backup repository, they’re already old and cannot be used.

Security is top priority for WorpDrive

As you can see, at every stage along the way, security is a top concern.

Take a moment to compare this with how your current backup works in terms of security.

  • Are you rotating your passwords, and if you were to start, how much effort is involved?
  • Are you using secure FTP to copy your data?
  • Do you have a separate repository for each site you own, or do you store them all together in one place? How much effort would be involved in achieving this using your current system?
  • Is your data encrypted when it’s written to disk?  If you’re using Amazon S3, then the answer to that is by default, no it isn’t.

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