How does WorpDrive work?

WorpDrive is WordPress backup for your business-critical websites.

WorpDrive: a time machine for your business websites

Each day, WorpDrive monitors your websites for changes both to your files and WordPress databases.

When it finds something new, it makes a copy of it.

WorpDrive takes a snapshot-in-time of your website allowing your to easily recover from any disaster that may strike it down.

It is a built to be the perfect disaster recovery tool for your portfolio of WordPress websites.

WorpDrive isn’t just a backup service

For years, we’ve all been relying on WordPress plugins to do our site backups.

And this has worked for some people, and it still does.  It’s also been the cause of a lot of frustration.

WorpDrive doesn’t rely on a WordPress plugin to run – there is no backup code stored on your site.

What makes WorpDrive unique is that your website backups runs on our servers, not on your web hosting.  We can far more reliably support many different webhost configurations and providers than most other WordPress plugins could ever do.

This isn’t marketing speak, it’s the reality of how WorpDrive is built.

The Basic Stages to a WorpDrive Backup

WorpDrive backup happens in 3 basic steps, as follows:

  1. A temporary replica of your website is created – where only the changes from the previous backup are copied.
  2. An export is made of your WordPress database and downloaded to your temporary site replica.
  3. All data (including your database export) in the temporary replica site is committed to an offsite backup repository.

And that’s it.

There is no zipping up your website and copying them to Amazon S3 or Dropbox etc.

There’s no more costly bandwidth usage and high server resource hogging.

Dig Deeper with More Questions

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