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Superior Performance Backups

First, an old-school-backup review…

In your old/current backup system, you create and copy around huge zip files on and off your server to 3rd party storage providers.

The only thing that distinguishes backups is the file name and you typically have no idea what’s in your zips and what’s different from 1 backup to the next.

What makes WorpDrive better?

  1. WorpDrive first finds new files, deleted files, and the files that have changed. There is no massive zip operation.
    This means the stress on the server during backup is tiny compared to a complete ZIP copy.
  2. Only the new/changed files are copied off the server. Consider the difference in the server power used here – copying only new or changed files uses a fraction of the server power and your bandwidth.
  3. WorpDrive doesn’t require a dedicated backup plugin – so you have fewer plugins installed on your WordPress site making it naturally run faster and more securely.

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