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Scales With Large Sites

worpdrive-feature-scale-uppngDoes your site have a huge database, and does this cause problems with your current backup service/plugin?

Another wonderful feature of WorpDrive is that it’s built to handle large databases – in fact, there is theoretically no limit!

If you use an on-site WordPress plugin, you’re typically limited to PHP memory limits when you’re exporting your databases. Not only that, you then need to transfer this data each time off your site to your backup space.

It’s all very time consuming.

WorpDrive is much far smarter when it comes to databases.

  1. WorpDrive will examine your database and determine the optimal size for each database export.
  2. It will then decide a chunk size and export your database into manageable chunks so as not to exceed your PHP memory limits.
  3. It will take each database table in turn and export them in these smaller chunks.
  4. These chunks are then analysed for changes and only the data with changes are copied from your server for backup purposes.

In this way we optimize the database export, and also how much data is transferred off your site.

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